“Once I started teaching Misaki-kun, everyone else gathered around us. Haru and I swam together with everyone. ~Makoto”

“Everyone seemed really happy being taught by Makoto. ~Haru”

Scans by me

[From the DVD Easter Egg, they show clips of the movie and then the end cards with their captions, however since this one has two this gem happened]

:flies off into the sun:


Rei: I didn’t make it to the next round in the individual races…
Nagisa: Me neither… but hey, don’t let it get to you, Rei-chan! You almost made it! You were so good, nobody would believe you’ve only been swimming for a year!
Rei: That’s nice of you to say, thank you. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you’d made it to the finals with your time. Your swimming was wonderful…!
Nagisa: I’m trying really hard! Thank you, Rei-chan!
(Nagisa looks down)
Nagisa: Let’s do our best in the relay.

And that makes 3 clips so far! The reigisa is super strong in this one HAA they’re so precious…!!!