It took a moment for an uncontrollable smile to grace Mr. Katsuki’s features— a genuine one, nothing like the facsimiles Victor saw and produced so often. Mr. Katsuki, it appeared, possessed a sense of humour.

“Mr. Katsuki,” Christophe said solemnly, placing a hand on his heart, “I apologise on Mr. Nikiforov’s behalf for that absolutely terrible pun.”

“Is it truly terrible if all parties involved enjoyed it?” Victor asked, gesturing towards his friend. “I happen to know you have a penchant for wordplay, and Mr. Katsuki at the very least smiled.”

“But whether it be from enjoyment or politeness has yet to be made clear.”

“It was a good pun,” Mr. Katsuki confessed, still smiling but now with an amused look. “Though it, perhaps, wasn’t the best I have ever heard.”

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Monday, so, Magical Boy AU time! :DDD

And some happy boys >w<

“Breaking news this morning, as the work day is getting started
shelters and pet stores all over the city are reporting something
strange… all their cats have gone missing.”

The news feed switched
to the inside of a shelter, Sara standing between two walls of metal
cages, all of which were open and stripped bare. She did not smile at
the camera, expression grim. “We’re here at Anastasis Pet Rescue, where
the owners came in this morning to discover that all of their adoptable
cats weren’t in their cages. In fact, they weren’t anywhere. Mr. Nekola,
could you tell us about what happened?”

The tagline introducing the young but scruffy man standing next to Sara read, Emil Nekola, Founder of Anastasis Pet Rescue.
“Uhhh, dunno, still trying to figure that out myself,” Emil said,
rubbing the back of his neck. “Came in this morning and all the lil
dudes were gone. Thought we had a prison break.” He laughed. “We got
security cams but they were all blacked out. Whoever did this took all
their files and paperwork too. If folks wanna help out, we got all their
photos on our website and they’re all microchipped, so if anyone finds
them, bring them in. All we’re trying to do here is get them to good
homes, ya know?”

“Thank you, Mr. Nekola.” Sara turned back to the
camera, walking slowly forward. The footage showed more empty cages
until she arrived at the doors, the camera panning over to a table. “On
this table here, like was reported at all the other locations, a calling
card had been left… A single, long-stemmed blue rose. Is this the work
of the same mysterious figure who a few days ago left the local skating
rink swimming into blue jello? Police are still investigating, but it’s
got all of us here asking the same question… What exactly is going on?”

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