Footage of people rioting and beating up pigs right in front of the motherfucking Arc De Triomphe in Paris today. Part of the ongoing insurrectionary wave sparked by protests against a fuel tax last week. Let it not be said that people in France do not know how to throw the fuck down!!

Serious commentary: These protests actually represent a crucial dilemma as far as fighting environmental catastrophe goes. This fuel tax was put in place in order to discourage fossil fuel use and to encourage a transition towards a more eco-friendly France. But of course an increase in taxes that doesn’t have an immediate benefit is not popular with quite a few working class people. Point being theyre missing the big picture of what these taxes set out to accomplish and that they may have to sacrifice a bit to in order to prevent a disaster which is going to hit hard IN THIS CENTURY.

It tells me that if we truly want to push for enviromental sustainability we have to ensure the masses are properly educated on what climate change is, the threat it poses, and what and why we have to do and possibly sacrifice to combat it.

On the other hand. Since Macron is a neoliberal asswipe these taxes place the blame for climate change on the consumer and consumer habits instead of the actual major source of the problem – the capitalist mode of production. Within this context I can see why people would riot since as reports DO show countries with greater inequality will have harder times selling policies such as this.

In conclusion we need to expand education on the matter of climate change and harm minimization and deliver a leftist approach to climate change that targets it at its core instead of blaming the working class for a problem it is not creating

@property-is-theft They understand what climate change is and how we need to take action on it, they’re angry that the taxes are being raised for working class people and not the upper class. This extra tax will now be taken almost exclusively from people who have absolutely no other options but to continue buying gas. The working class of France is being torn to pieces with taxes targeted at them, and this is just one out of many examples. They want alternatives to gas and oil, and they think that forcing the people who drive a lot to pay more money is a direct attack on those who can afford it the least. Almost all of the people driving a lot are the workers who can no longer live near cities, as they become more and more expensive. No person who has the money to afford this tax will really care, but those who cannot afford it, who certainly cannot afford any alternative at their current prices, will be forced into deeper poverty. They’re not idiots, they are struggling proletariats.

Yeah, how will increasing taxes on something middle-class people have no relevant alternatives (due to various lobbying) be eco-friendly? Tbh the government had it coming, with the Loi Travail, the 49.3, Parcoursup and all that shit…people have been boiling for quite a long time now and the elites are absolutely disconnected from the reality and always so patronizing (sans mauvais jeu de mots)…

I don’t think this way of doing things will do anything else than making any reforms or concessions painfully slow and destructive. We’ll see in the next few weeks, I guess.




Y a des gens tu crois qu’ils t’aiment bien parce qu’ils rigolent avec toi etc. et un jour tu réalises qu’ils sont comme ça avec tout le monde et que t’as pas une place spéciale dans leur cœur alors qu’ils avaient une place spéciale dans le tien et tu te sens trahi mais tu peux pas te plaindre à la personne d’être juste hyper sociable avec tout le monde et du coup j’apprécie que ces gens mettent tout le monde à l’aise mais je me demande toujours s’ils ont des vrais amis proches vu qu’ils ont l’air d’être proches de la Terre entière ?

C’est là toute l’intrigue du Misanthrope de Molière

‘scuse de faire des redites alors lol










@indigopersei is the french language just always on the verge of getting someone accused of assault or..?

my friend,
if only you knew

It’s a very dangerous language to learn

Here’s an interesting thing about French! Everything needs to have an article in front of it. That’s why it’s “la chat” as opposed to just “chat”. So, for instance, you could say la fille for the girl, or jeune fille for young girl, but you can’t just say fille, because that means you are calling her a sex worker in a derogatory way.

The moral of the story is, if you want to make something rude in French, just take out the article in front of it. Yes, this works for nearly. every. word.

#now I’m wondering how often my high school french teacher was silently screaming because of this little fact

Every year. Every year there’s that kid who forgets that you can’t translate “I am excited” to “Je suis excitée”. And every year Monsieur Jordan has to slam the brakes before that kid can finish his sentence and then tactfully ask him not to announce to the class that he is horny.

“is the french language always on the verge” oh buddy, oh pal, i am so happy to break this news to you: 

truly the language of love


“Coup de fou” doesn’t exist in French? It doesn’t meant anything?? “Blowjob” translates to “sucer” (to suck) or “[tailler] une pipe” ([to carve] a pipe). If you ask someone for “un coup de fou” they’ll think you want to fuck wildly (”un coup” can mean “a quickie” or just the act in itself) hahaha

“Coup de foutre” also doesn’t exist. “Foutre” sure means “cum” (also it’s a bit outdated now??) but if you want to say “cumshot” you may just wanna use “gicler” or “faciale”. 

Also I have troubles to get the “la fille”/”le chat” stuff… It’s not like you don’t use determinants in English? It’s the exact same in French, except you can’t use it like “Girl you’re beautiful” (”Fille, tu es belle”) because then you sound like a bad parody of a Viking… It just doesn’t work.

That’s why I don’t know about the rude part?? It won’t sound rude, just outdated, plain wrong or translated from Russian… I don’t even know how it would work in the language…
If you want to sound rude just add “putain de [noun]” or “[noun] de merde” to any word and you’d be much more likely to get it than just forego random determinants hhhh (you can even combine them into “PUTAIN DE MERDE!” hehehehe) (in fact don’t ever take out the article it is bad bad advice)

And I repeat, “Je suis excité-e” doesn’t mean “I’m horny” most of the time. 
That said, it doesn’t exactly mean “J’ai hâte de”/”Je suis impatient de” either, because it sounds forced. 

In fact I never heard a native-speaker use that adjective like that except jokingly or in scientific context (”excité-e sexuellement”), or in a pejorative way to point out someone’s annoying behaviour (”T’excite pas”).

/French rant over/

Controversy of “excité(e)”



I’m sure that if you have studied French at all in the past, your French prof has inevitably said “you can’t say ‘excité(e)’ because it means ‘aroused/horny.’” 

While this used to be the case, the word is actually changing to mean “excited” because of the English influence over the language (however sad that might be). With that being said, it can still mean “aroused” depending on how you use it so you should always be clear with the meaning.

This situation really shows why it’s important to keep up with shifts in language and why it’s important to visit a country where your target language is spoken every so often. Language is an ever-changing phenomenon and while we like to think of it as stagnant, it’s quite the opposite. 

As for this case, I’m sure your French prof still prefers that you use “j’ai hâte de…” instead of “excité(e)” but just know that in everyday conversation, you can use “excité(e)” if you want. 

Huh from a French native speaker POV (mine, which is an individual POV) “excité-e” in everyday conversations is just not used a lot and sounds strange. Also, as I’ve just checked with another French native speaker, it sounds forced.

The only “every day” setting of the verb “exciter” we could find was a pejorative one. Like “il s’excite tout seul” (meaning: “He’s getting worked up on his own over nothing”) or “Oh c’est bon t’excite pas!” (meaning: “You’re getting on my nerves because you’re getting angry over nothing”). 

“J’ai trop hâte de” to express “I’m excited to” is much better. Or “j’en peux plus d’attendre”, “j’ai trop envie qu’on soit à [event you’re excited for]”.

If you are in a formal setting, NEVER use “excité-e” (for example, to your boss/a recruiter, it would sound so bad) but use “J’ai hâte de” (and don’t use the other examples above, of course). 

There is no notable English influence on this tbh?? Most French people don’t know much about English except from the obvious and the teasing about “marketing vocabulary”… The English influence is a known phenomenom, but I don’t think it affected this word?

If you must use “excité-e” for whatever reason, don’t say “Je suis excité-e de [verb]”. “Je suis trop content-e de [verb]” seems more lively and less stilted.
“Je suis excité-e à l’idée de” is already a bit better, but then again it doesn’t sound very natural.

Tl;dr: “Excité-e” still very much means “aroused” in French and in my native French speaker opinion sounds fake in informal conversations. You can use “J’ai trop hâte de [verb]” or “J’en peux plus d’attendre” instead. In formal conversations, you can use “j’ai hâte de [verb]”.