I repeat: Ice Adolescence news is coming!

Starting from 18th of January, 2019, the TV anime episodes of Yuri on Ice will be marathoned in Japanese cinemas for three weeks in parts of 4 episodes each week.

Mappa announced that there will be special movie news played at the end of each screening, though the news will always be the same regardless of the screening. Could it finally be the trailer for the movie…?

They also revealed the designs for the tickets for these screenings, which we’ve all been losing our minds over since this morning haha.

I know I’m late and you’ve probably seen this already but in case you missed it – here’s the newest news!


Johnny Weir was at Crunchyroll Expo again this year, and again had his own panel (thread from the panel here), and probably the most important take away here is that the rumors from a few months ago were true and that he is indeed involved in the Yoi movie, Ice Adolescence, and he’s even met Kubo herself. Also, considering that he talked about “big people being involved”, I think we can assume that the rumors about Jeffrey Buttle creating something for the movie (most likely choreography) were also true.

That being said, keep in mind Johnny probably only did the choreo/voice work for the movie, he’s not closely involved with the project so his release date estimations are, well, just that – estimations. It’ll likely be the animation that will take the longest and it’s impossible to say how long that may take – the Stammi Vicino scene from episode 1 apparently took them 3 months to animate, and we can probably expect a similar level of quality here. The main questions is whether their time/resource management has improved since 2016, but again, that’s impossible to say for now. All we know is that the movie is supposed to come out in 2019, but the lack of a specific date is probably proof that they simply aren’t close enough to the finish line yet to commit and say “Yes, this will come out on this day in perfect cinematic quality that you would expect.” As we near closer to 2019, more news will come and I think the release date will soon become apparent. For now, all we have is patience and Johnny’s justified hype.


***Headphones Recommended***

Inspired by @paluumin ‘s illustration of Viktor in his youth && the premise of the YoI movie “Ice Adolescence” in 2019

Style: lyrical, character song, recorded and improvised in about an hour (???)
Pairing Song: I’ve Seen You Before~

Evolve. Adapt. Become.

Interchangeable when used, but each word connoted a
different element in Viktor’s poise when he crafted a theory within the palm of
his hand. Who was he? –Beyond the ice rink, beyond the podium, beyond the
magazines and interviews, and beyond the weight of his name when Viktor stood
behind it. Perhaps one day, he’ll discover his missing Ls.

Life. Love.

Perhaps one day, he’ll discover the man behind his name.