“If he skates a clean short and a clean long, I might think he might be unbeatable,” Fernández said of Hanyu.

A few moments later, Hanyu arrived in the interview area, hugged Fernández, removed the shiny new gold medal from his own neck and placed it around the Spaniard’s. 

— The New York Times



PyeongChang 2018 Men’s Singles Figure Skating Medal Ceremony

Featuring a happy and charming Javi, a confused Shoma drowning in his big coat, and a smiley ecstatic Yuzu.
The last picture was Yuzu’s expression while the Japanese anthem was played.


Everyone’s talking about Yuzuru defending his gold, Shoma finishing the Japan 1-2 sweep on the podium with his silver, Boyang’s marvelous effort, and Nathan’s amazing comeback free skate. Not saying that they’re not great, (THEY ARE!) but can we talk about Javi?

Javi, who did one too many triple salchow in Sochi 2014, missing the bronze by a little more than a point.

Javi, who channeled that heartache and frustration to fuel his determination, and won the world championships in 2015 and 2016.

Javi, who entered his third and final Olympics at age 26, an ‘old’ age for a skater, pitted against young, talented quadsters.

Javi, who was an entire nation’s only hope in figure skating, didn’t crack under the pressure, and gave it all he had.

Javi, who came from a country with only 17 ice rinks and has risen to the Olympics podium, with his bronze medal.

Javi, who reached his unreachable star and showed everyone there is no such thing as an impossible dream.

Enhorabuena, Javi!