Shoma excerpts from the Worlds men’s FS press conference


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Shoma on his performances: In either short program or free program I was not able to show my best, but I did not give up until the end, so I think that leads to this result here.

Shoma on whether Worlds should be held in an Olympic season: Actually to be honest, either way is fine with me. If they decide not to hold Worlds in Olympic years that’s ok, and if they have one, I will prepare myself. It’s really not the skaters’ decision. If they give us the schedule, we will be able to adjust to it.

Shoma on the proposed rule changes to the length of programs: If we are doing one less jump, I will probably take out my triple salchow, which is the easiest jump. It only takes a little more than 10 seconds to do this jump so it will be very difficult to skate the program the way it is now.

Nathan on the point gap between him and the other medalists: Well, Shoma’s injured, we knew that all week. Throughout his short program and long program, a lot of the things he normally does, like he did at the Olympics, he didn’t do here to take care of that. I totally sympathize with that because I’ve competed with injuries and I know how difficult it can be.

Nathan on what he admires in Shoma: I know Shoma’s very hard-working, he has really challenged me over the past couple years. He landed quad flip, and that really motivated me to work on quad flip. I see him working on quad loop now and doing them successfully at events and it motivates me to keep trying to improve myself. He brings a lot artistically to the table as well, and it’s always great to have the opportunity to compete and train with him in practices, just to get me inspired and motivated to continue to try to improve myself.

Shoma on what he admires in Nathan: This is my personal opinion on not just Nathan but also Mikhail, I like them as skaters and as people. I am competing against them but I also root for them because I respect them so much. There are many things about Nathan that are outstanding. He is an all-around skater, very well-balanced, and his jumps are very consistent. He has so many kinds of quads. For Mikhail, in the short program he didn’t even try the quad lutz but he was able to score over 100 points. That was very impressive. Each of them have such outstanding points that I can admire.