I repeat: Ice Adolescence news is coming!

Starting from 18th of January, 2019, the TV anime episodes of Yuri on Ice will be marathoned in Japanese cinemas for three weeks in parts of 4 episodes each week.

Mappa announced that there will be special movie news played at the end of each screening, though the news will always be the same regardless of the screening. Could it finally be the trailer for the movie…?

They also revealed the designs for the tickets for these screenings, which we’ve all been losing our minds over since this morning haha.

I know I’m late and you’ve probably seen this already but in case you missed it – here’s the newest news!


Noriko Itou, one of yoi’s key animators, uploaded this drawing to her Twitter in celebration of the 2nd yoi anniversary and it’s fair to say she has slayed us all.

Due to the paper she drew it on (which is what animators usually use when drawing key frames for anime), some have been speculating that this might actually be a frame from the movie – though considering that she must be under NDA, and the fact that she’s a key animator so she probably has many of those blank papers laying around, it’s quite unlikely it has anything to do with the movie (though BOY do I wanna be proven wrong here).

Soon after the tweet with the drawing, she also posted this tweet, and although it’s not specified whether she’s talking about yoi, it kind of sounds like it:

“Recently, I’ve been thinking that when it comes to liking something, gender or age or nationality or religion or skin color don’t really matter.”

Take it as you will, but the one clear thing is her celebratory illustration is beautiful.