Honestly though, this key frame is so powerful?

Do you think the animator who drew it knew how big of a wave it would make not only in Japan, but also in the larger anime community and with LGBT fans especially? Yes, the kiss was obviously huge, but this one frame was like the extra confirmation that really sealed the deal – neither Victor nor Yuuri were like “woop, nothing happened, we’re just coach and skater right” – they were laying on that damn ice just lovingly gazing into each others’ eyes and smiling and gently holding each other and damn it was this key frame that really made it all sink in – that just happened, and these two really are in love.

Also, like others have pointed out, this key frame actually shows us more than the final shot in the anime – you can see both Yuuri’s and Victor’s hands more clearly and can appreciate the way they’re holding each other even more.

Honestly seeing “raw” pieces of yoi before they turned into the anime we know and love is so exciting and rewarding and I’m glad they chose to share this key frame with us.