decided to put these in a bit of a chronological order as i can’t help but form a story behind the scenes. it’s a storyteller’s habit. and yeah i do have an idea i would genuinely like to explore with gail simone as a crossover comic. 

i don’t want to be the writer for this. but at the same time i always found diving into these things and exploring the character chemistry was the best way to get an artistic feeling for it.

this is also how i usually develop my own stories.

anyhow, while many think this is me drawing some shipping, in fact this a proof of concept for an adventure story  featuring lara and diana. Gail simone at some point asked if they would kiss and i gave it some genuine thought. i am a character first kind of a writer, myself, so i contemplated this. then i decided, yes, probably.

after all, romantic subplots have been the bread and butter of adventure writing since its inception and i always liked that aspect of adventure stories.

 i hope this puts some things in context from my end XD

and while

there will probably be a few more of these, there will be no nsfw pics. after all, camera pans away from indiana jones in those moments as well  XD

okay… there may be a chance of a kiss… but that’s about it. 


I am drawing character studies to get used to the way I’ll draw them since I have to distinguish clearly between nationalities and no matter how cute Yuuri is, he is 23 years old soooo….
Viktor will come next, I’m already on it… then the massive drawing spam will follow. 

I am utter and extreme trash for Yuri on Ice. 
I can’t even begin to describe the fucking way it has consumed me. It’s been YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS since the last time I felt this fucking anxiety while waiting to see what happens… since Gundam00 to be precise. FUCK BEING AN ADULT, YAY!! FHSKDFSKDFKSDFKLSDBFKLDSBFBDSLK YUURIIFUCKINGKATSUKIAMAZINGVIKTORFUCKYESYURIPLISETERKFDBFJLDBFJBJGLBFDJLBGDFJ!!!!!!!!!!!!