I received an ask from @dollytearsstuff but for some reason, I couldn’t answer it with this image… It wouldn’t let me post. T3T Their ask said: “ Can we get sumo being cuddly with the baby kittens ?“ 

While it’s not exactly to the descriptions, this is what I was inspired to draw. >3<; Found family~~ 


We need to talk about the scene where Connor breaks into Hank’s house. The way he thinks he has to run and catapult inside instead of just crawling through the window? Priceless. The way he falls on his back, tumbles, and then awkwardly scrambles up? Majestic. The way he calms the dog? It’s perfect. “Easy Sumo, I’m your friend…” (Awkward laugh.) “I know your name…” Just amazing. Obviously if Connor didn’t know know Sumo’s name, he wouldn’t be his friend, but because he does, that specifically makes him his friend. 

Classic. Just classic.