vegans that try to mix their veganism with social justice movements are super ://

 whoa its almost as if animal agriculture is harmful!

like human rights watch calling factory farms ‘systematic human rights violations!

like slaughtehrouse work being the most dangerous in america, despite underreporting of injuries due to ¼ of workers being illegal immigrants! like 82% of starving children live where crops are fed to animals which are exported for western consumption’! like the UN stating reducing meat consumption to ‘37.4/kg/capita in
2050 would free estimated 400 million tons of cereal per year for human consumption, enough for 1 billion people’!
 like meat processors suffering significantly increased mental health problems! like livestock being the leading cause of climate change and water pollution, both having a legally recognized negative impact on human rights! like 663 million people being without clean water when 76 trillion gallons are used in livestock production annually!

vegans mix with social justice movements bc they’re fucking linked. 

w i l d

Cattle ranching is responsible for 80% of clearcutting in the Amazon rainforest, a region which is essential to the survival of the local indigenous population and the environmental health of the world.

The immense amount of feces produced by pig farming is poisoning the air and water supply of poor communities mostly populated by people of color.

The US government is providing subsidies to the dairy industry even though they produce billions of pounds more than Americans consume, which means a huge portion of it is left to rot. These subsidies would be better spent on more useful things, like healthcare and education.

Most of the world’s leather products are produced in China and India, where it is killing the environment and the poor people who make it via chromium wastewater, which causes various forms of cancer and horrible skin lesions.

I could keep going. Animal rights absolutely intersect with human rights.

Unpopular opinion: feeding your cat very good vegan food is not any worse than feeding them very low quality meat food


strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

There’s no such thing as ‘very good’ vegan cat food, there’s no such thing even as decent, adequate, so-so, or kind of okay vegan cat food. All vegan and vegetarian cat food is bad. Cats are obligate carnivores and cannot be vegan.



Yesterday I went to buy some yarn and so you know how annoying it is when fucking people put those stupid bullshit “don’t use this, wool is murder” PETA stickers on the label?

First of all, stop defacing stock in someone’s store. You’re not clever or saving the planet or anything. You’re making it hard for customers to shop and see the info they need on the label (yardage, weight, dye lot)… You’re making employees spend hours peeling the damn things off, and in some cases, you’re causing damage to the label and or yarn itself. That means loss to the company, which affects employees who probably make minimum wage, you shit bags. You want to make change happen? Contact corporate, you fuckhead. That’s where decisions are made.

Second of all, wool is not murder. Are you fucking stupid? (Obviously the answer is yes). It’s a fucking haircut for a sheep. They’ve been domesticated so long that if we don’t sheer them, it’s bad. Yes, some sheep don’t live in ideal conditions. Got a problem with that? Going to a yarn store and putting stickers on things isn’t going to change it or the minds of customers. For fuck’s sake, you absolute cockwomble, go to the yarn companies. Make them use wool providers that use humane conditions for their yarn, like A LOT OF YARN COMPANIES DO.

And third of all.

You. You precious, empty-headed little shitnugget. You complete and total sawdust-for-brains.

You put your fucking stickers all over acrylic yarn.

There’s no fucking wool in there. It’s all synthetic fiber. Basically, it’s plastic.

You fucking dumbass.

I connect with this post on a spiritual level

Vegetarian Katsudon recipe


Hello everybody!

To celebrate today’s YoI concert livestream and movie news I made some katsudon for lunch!

I already read quite often that people said they would like to try katsudon as well but can’t eat it because they are vegetarian.

Well, duesterkitsch to the rescue, I‘m SO going to proof that you definitely CAN eat that incredibly tasty dish and it’s super easy to modify! :3

So here we go, my super tasty veggie-katsudon recipe, just for you!
(Of course you can also totally make the recipe but with meat instead)

Ingredients for the katsudon (2 servings)

  • 2 soy fillets
  • 200ml kombu dashi
  • 30ml (2 tablespoons) soy sauce
  • 20ml (4 teaspoons) mirin
  • 20g (2 teaspoons) sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 onions
  • panko breadcrumbs
  • some flour
  • oil to deep-fry
  • steamed white rice (two bowls)
  • some frozen peas
  • scallions (to garnish)

For the kombu stock

  • 15g of dried kombu
  • 450ml water

The base for the sauce of the katsudon is normally dashi stock which is made with dried bonito flakes. Since we are making a vegetarian version of the dish we don’t want fish in our meal so we need something else here. The best substitute is kombu stock! Kombu is edible kelp which you can find in many asian grocery stores.

To easily make kombu stock gently clean the kombu with a damp cloth, put the kombu in a bottle with water and store it in the refrigerator for roughly 3-4 hours. Discard the kombu and your stock is ready to use! Be careful not to wash or clean the kombu too much, you want to keep the white powdery surface for a great flavor! You can store the leftover stock for up to 4 days in your fridge – or just freeze it

First things first: Turn on some fitting music – cooking is much more fun with a good soundtrack!

Now that we have the sauce base (and some good music playing) we can start with the recipe!

Start by cooking your rice. If you’re having a rice cooker it’s even easier. Rice cookers are awesome!

Chop your onions, place them in a bowl of water and put it aside. The water helps to make the onions taste less harsh but still keep enough flavor to go well with the other ingredients.

While the rice is cooking we can prepare the tonkatsu (cutlets). Instead of pork I‘m using soy fillets here. There are many vegetarian and vegan brands that sell soy fillets. If you can’t find any some firm tofu does the trick as well but soy fillets taste better + have a better texture. So I highly recommend soy fillets instead of plain tofu!

Grab 3 bowls, fill one with some flour, one with 1 beaten egg and one with the panko breadcrumbs.

Rub the soy fillet in the flour, put it into the egg and coat it in panko afterwards. Your tonkatsu is now ready for the deep-frying stage!

Put oil in a pan. You’ll need quite a lot to properly deep-fry it.

To see if the oil has the perfect temperature put the end of a wooden chopstick in the oil. If tiny bubbles appear around it, the heat is good!

Put in your fillets and deep-fry until they are golden brown. Place them on a cooling rack afterwards.

Time for the sauce! Combine kombu stock, sugar, mirin and the soy sauce.

Heat up that mixture in a small pan. Add the onions and simmer until tender on medium heat. Change to high heat and if it’s boiling put in some frozen peas.

Your rice is hopefully ready by now because we‘re nearly finished!

Chop your cutlets in stripes and place them in the sauce.

Beat two eggs really lightly and pour them directly over the cutlets.

Place a lid on the pan and let it simmer for 1 minute.

Put rice in a bowl.

Grab a spatula and slide the cutlet on the rice. Pour the sauce (including egg and onions) over it. Sprinkle on some scallions and you’re done!

Serve immediately and enjoy!
(Tastes best while rewatching your favorite anime⛸)

Please try it out, it’s super delicious! I can totally understand that it’s Yuuris favorite dish because katsudon tastes just awesome.

I hope this was helpful for some of you and you’ll try it out!






50% of comments on any given vegan recipe in the world: i was TERRIFIED this would be DISGUSTING and HEALTHFUL due to the fact that it did not contain any bacon. my husband was like WOMAN, WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING ME? when he saw me put something in the oven that didnt contain a whole hog but luckily it turned out edible! LOL i added 6 eggs and some milk and subbed the margarine for rendered lard so my husband wouldnt divorce me. the kids liked it too even though it wasn’t exactly like pop tarts 🙂 5/5

other 50% of comments on any given vegan recipe: i substituted 9 types of gluten-free flax meal for the flour. instead of the margarine i used opium and instead of the sugar i used something i found in a meteorite. added some essential oils too. really aligned my chakras 5/5

The first 50% sound like every omniscum on the earth.

isnt omniscum that watch from ben 10

I think you’re thinking of Ben 10 Omniverse, which is basically right

I was thinking of omnivores, omniscum is a nickname vegans call “normies” but that made me laugh thank you 🙂

i was making fun of you






don’t do this, this is fucked up

not to mention someone who’s on a primarily vegan or vegetarian diet and has been that way for a long time has a body unused to eating meat, especially red meat like beef. if your body isn’t used to red meat it can do a SERIOUS NUMBER to your digestive system. it is not fun, it’s hurtful and painful, it can make them REALLY sick even if they aren’t vegan or vegetarian for allergy-related reasons.

don’t do this. do not feed people food without them knowing 100% of what’s in it. it’s uncool and you are a complete and total asshole if you do.

Ain’t even a vegan but this is fucked up

I have heard of people sneaking pork into tje dishes of muslims or jews do NOT feed people food they do not want to eat for whatever reason. Even if you don’t harm their body you might cause a serious psychological issue! You are literally harming someone’s body autonomy it doesn’t matter if you think vegans are annoying or whatever. Don’t fucking do this.

I have been a pescetarian since I was 10 years old. I’m now 27. When I was in college about 5 years ago, I decided I could eat pizza that had pepperoni on it if I removed the pepperoni (Dominos screwed up our order, we were supposed to get 1 plain pizza I could eat but they gave us 2 pepperoni instead and me being the socially anxious person I am, I didn’t wanna make a fuss about it).

I got so sick. SO SICK. So much for not making a fuss, my friends almost took me to the hospital, I had to convince them not to. Just from the oils of the pepperoni seeping into the pizza. I didn’t even eat the meat itself, but I learned that day that cross contamination is a bitch. And I still eat fish, unlike a vegan, just not red meat or poultry/fowl. I knew already that I had bad reactions to meat by that point in time, like from the time the Chinese restaurant gave me an egg roll instead of a spring roll by mistake and after only 2 bites I realized the issue and I still got ridiculously sick (from 2 bites of an egg roll containing pork), but I didn’t think I’d get sick from pizza that had no meat on it at all. And yet I did.

So imagine if someone gave me a real hamburger. One bite would be enough to create hours of agony for me. Now imagine if someone gave a long-time vegan, who does not eat fish, a hamburger. And that vegan ate the whole hamburger.

Vegan culture pisses me the fuck off too but holy shit that can literally put someone in the hospital you sick motherfuckers.










how do u actually save bees?

  • Plant bee-friendly flowers
  • Support your local beekeepers
  • Set up bee hotels for solitary bees
  • If you see a lethargic bee feed it sugar water
  • Spread awareness of the importance off bees

+Don’t eat honey✌🏻


That will not help save the bees at all. They need the excess honey removed from their hives. That’s the beekeepers entire livelihood.

Seriously refusing to eat honey is one of those well-meaning but ultimately terrible ideas. The bees make way too much honey and need it out in order to thrive (not being funny but that was literally a side effect in Bee Movie). Plus that’s the only way for the beekeepers to make the money they need to keep the bees healthy. Do not stop eating honey because somebody on Tumblr told you too.

excess honey, if not removed, can ferment and poison the bees. even if it doesn’t, it attracts animals and other insects which can hurt the bees or even damage the hive. why vegans think letting bees stew in their own drippings is ‘cruelty-free’ is beyond me. >:[

the fact that we find honey yummy and nutritious is part of why we keep bees, true, but the truth is we mostly keep them to pollinate our crops. the vegetable crops you seem to imagine would still magically sustain us if we stopped cultivating bees.

and when you get right down to it… domestic bees aren’t confined in any way. if they wanted to fly away, they could, and would. they come back to the wood frame hives humans build because those are nice places to nest.

so pretending domestic bees have it worse than wild bees is just the most childish kind of anthropomorphizing.

If anything, man-made hives are MORE suitable for bees to live in because we have mathematically determined their optimal living space and conditions, and can control them better in our hives. We also can treat them for diseases and pests much easier than we could if they were living in, say, a tree.

Tl;dr for all of this: eating honey saves the bees from themselves, and keeping them in man-made hives is good for them.


Plus, buying honey supports bee owners, which helps them maintain the hives, and if they get more money they can buy more hives, which means more bees!