It took a moment for an uncontrollable smile to grace Mr. Katsuki’s features— a genuine one, nothing like the facsimiles Victor saw and produced so often. Mr. Katsuki, it appeared, possessed a sense of humour.

“Mr. Katsuki,” Christophe said solemnly, placing a hand on his heart, “I apologise on Mr. Nikiforov’s behalf for that absolutely terrible pun.”

“Is it truly terrible if all parties involved enjoyed it?” Victor asked, gesturing towards his friend. “I happen to know you have a penchant for wordplay, and Mr. Katsuki at the very least smiled.”

“But whether it be from enjoyment or politeness has yet to be made clear.”

“It was a good pun,” Mr. Katsuki confessed, still smiling but now with an amused look. “Though it, perhaps, wasn’t the best I have ever heard.”

i was commissioned by @ingthing to draw art for her victorian(victuurian hehe) au fic “The Consciousness of Loving” which you can read here!!

thank you so much for commissioning me ❤