3.18.2018 HEROS feature on Shoma. Partial translation by @suzumoriyuiko.

(Feb 23, 6 days after the Olympics FS)

Shoma: “Once I get a medal, I don’t want to look at it after.”

Narration explains that he just moves on right away to the next step because competitions are just a chance to improve.

Shoma’s GOE at the Olympics was about 13 points lower than Yuzuru’s.

“The degree of perfection of my jumps are totally different (from Hanyu’s). All I can do is land them. That’s what I’m lacking.”

Shoma started practicing right after he returned to Japan in order to prepare for Worlds and improve his jumps. “It’s not that I can’t land (good/high-quality) jumps. I can land one good jump in a few. I have to do well on 8 jumps (in competition) and that, in the tense atmosphere of a competition. I can’t just land one pretty jump in dozens.”

Narration says that he is going into Worlds as a competitor that will have others running after him (ie. he is higher in level), but Shoma says “It’s not that I won’t think of the pressure about winning, I have to get over that pressure to advance. I want to skate well even with the pressure.”

If he could have one wish come true with a dragon ball, what would it be? Shoma: “But I don’t really think I need that. I don’t think I’d be happy if a wish came true just randomly, I think sports are fun because you work hard in order to gain something.”

“Maybe time. Then maybe I’d have more time to game.”

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