Post-SP interview with Shoma, March 22nd

When you walked over here from the Kiss and Cry, it seemed like your foot was bothering you, but are you okay?

S: I’m okay. It wasn’t too painful during my skate because of the nerves and adrenaline, and also because of everyone’s support. I lowered my BV but I was able to skate in a problem-free condition.

How do you feel about your SP?

S: The nerves weren’t so much, well I was a little worried that I didn’t get to practice much in the past few days, but the 6 minute warmup didn’t go too badly, so I was able to go into my first jump with confidence, but I am a bit frustrated that I messed up the combo which I had lowered.

I could tell you put a lot of feeling into your 4T and 3A, but with what emotion did you head into this competition?

S: Well I planned to do the 4T alone first, so I really wanted to land a high quality one and I think I was able to. And the 3A as well, I am satisfied with how I landed it. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to land the most crucial jump here, but I want to move forward to the free leaving that behind.

What kind of performance would you like to show in the free?

S: Well here, I failed the jump that was supposed to be the easiest. And my foot, well, it didn’t hurt too much during my skate, so for the free, taking next year’s spots into account as well, I want to be more aggressive with the layout. I know people will think it’s not a good idea for me to do this, but today really made me desire to attack in the free.

Please do not strain yourself. Thank you for your hard work.

S: Thank you.

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