LUMIX GX8 & G 42.5mm / F1.7

昌磨くん、銀メダルおめでとう!Congratulations to Shoma Uno for winning the Olympic Silver Medal !

宇野昌磨選手。プリンスアイスワールド2016横浜公演にて。 Prince Ice World 2016 Yokohama. Shoma Uno – Silver medalist of 2018 Winter Olympics, Silver medalist of 2017 ISU World Figure Skating Championships and Gold medalist of 2016 / 2017 Japan Figure Skating Championships.

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保留所有权利。This picture is strictly protected by Article 10 of the Japanese Copyright Act, Berne Convention and Universal Copyright Convention. 著作権法第10条第1項によって、著作権者である私の許可なく転載・加工をおこなうことは犯罪です。

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