Terfs: wombyn are their ovaries!!! Ovaries make a wombybybynnn. Accept that u are a womynbdgnn you have ovaries !!!!

Me, a trans man on the danger list for ovarian cancer and is going to get them removed in the distant or near future:

not for long

You’re still female whether you have ovaries or not lmao

You heard it here first folks!! Females are females regardless of whether or not they have ovaries, so trans women are women regardless of their lack them. Well said 🙂

You played yourself like a damn fiddle, fool

i love watching terfs run circles around their own logic:

“you need ovaries to be a wombyn!!!”

transman: guess who got that shit removed I’m a Real Boy™ now

“nO not like that you still have a uterus that makes you female!!!”

ciswoman who’s had a complete hysterectomy: guess i’m not a woman then

“tHAT”S NOT WHAT I MEANT if you have a vagina/vulva you’re female!!!”

transwoman who’s had bottom surgery: oooh i’ve got one of those does that mean i’m a Real Girl™ now??”


literally everyone except terfs: *squints*

i especially love to person in the notes who brought up needing to have “female muscle/fat distribution patterns” like I have some incredible news for you about exactly what Hormone Replacement Therapy does…

Reblogging to show that terfs dumb crazy

🌟Reblog to piss a terf off🌟

🌷reblog to support & uplift a trans person🌷

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