SO mortis ghost just finished a stream for those who missed it here are some interesting bits:


  • Silent hill was a major inspiration. For instance, a lot of the music was inspired by it. Also, near Enoch, there are two rooms, one to the left one to the right, that are shaped like S H respectively. The Aries ending was very influenced by Silent Hill.
  • Killer 7
  • he was inspired by a lot of japanese artists, especially hideo kojima

tidbits about the game 

  • mortis chose an orange x for the title screen simply because it looked cool

  • he likes Japhet’s music best
  • apparently there was a glitch where if you tried to talk to Zacharie from the side in one of the train stations, you would move slower for the whole rest of the game

  • Alma is a real station in Brussels
  • mortis thinks Sucre’s outfit is the best
  • this line by the Judge is taken from the song “We Will Become Silhouettes”

  • mortis wanted to avoid too many puzzles with numbers, but by the end he was tired and out of ideas

  • He likes the official ending more, but more people in chat voted for the Judge ending, and he said its nice because that’s voting for hope

  • Somewhere over the Rainbow was chosen for the end because there is a link between the game and the Wizard of Oz, he says figure out the link yourself


  • Enoch never actually changes size, it’s just perspective shifts
  • The Batter has just two eyes; the lines above his eyes are eyebrows (jokingly: he’s sleeping all the time so his eyes are closed)
  • The Batter does have hair, it’s just very short black hair

  • The Batter was created when the game starts as a puppet for the player.
  • Therefore, the first time he met Hugo and the Queen was when he was fighting them
  • so when the queen says “you will not lay a hand on the son who brought us into the world” she is not including the batter in the “us”
  • The Batter’s appearance does not change in the Special Ending, it’s just what the player is being shown that changes
  • mortis claims he “doesnt know” the relationship between Zacharie and Sucre

  • the answer to the relationship between Zacherie and Sucre is “in your kokoro”

  • People in chat wanted to know if Sucre represents something; he said not really, she’s just herself

  • Chat was saying things like “sucre is the trans icon we all need” and otherwise talking about Sucre being trans, he was basically “why not?”
  • Likewise, he said why not to any ideas for the Batter’s sexuality
  • Zacharie may survive post game; when asked, mortis just said “maybe” repeatedly
  • Hugo is cuddling meat not a blanket 

  • (said jokingly) The Batter hates anime, would not dab, and likes dad jokes
  • Zacharie on the other hand, would dab
  • The Batter would be an Aries and Zacharie would be a Cancer


  • The game takes place on post apocolypse Earth
  • The internet no longer exists
  • After you run away from Enoch, if you look around before going to the train, the world is starting to turn black and white already. This is because Enoch as a guardian powers the zone, and he is exhausted from chasing you
  • The add ons are the physical form of the promises the guardians made to Hugo, as well as their friendship

  • mortis said the focus was on telling a story over sending a particular message; that the story comes first and then any messages come through it

things he enjoys

  • Steven Universe
  • Yuri on Ice
  • Naruto
  • (But never watched Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Japanese animation in general
  • Yume Nikki
  • Animal Crossing
  • Cave Story (loves but never finished)


  • mortis is a contraction of his first and last name, and he loves ghosts
  • He still likes OFF, but has more criticisms about it now
  • mortis enjoys seeing cosplayers a lot
  • The thing he’s most proud of from OFF is the community
  • someone in chat said “I feel like mortis is dissapointed in the fanbase” and he was like WHAT NO please don’t think that

  • Hes happy so many people like it even tho he made it when he “was a baby mortis ghost”

  • at E3 he wants to see: easy games, Captain Falcon, F Zero (with slow motion moves), Metroid, Despacito 2

  • He

    doesnt like pineapple on pizza, but doesnt judge people who do

  • he wants to create another game, not in the same universe, but just in general he really wants to

  • This has vertical banners to celebrate the 10th aniversary
  • He created a free comic called Dr Cataclysm he encourages people to look at
  • There MIGHT be more streams in the future, but no promises

He named his character my dude which led to such great lines as “What have you done, my dude?” and


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