these are getting a ton of attention on twitter so here for tumblr too, really cute fat girls from an advertisement for anti chafe cream

holy shit can we talk about these for a hot second here, they are so pure

these are cute (!!!), realistically proportioned, non-sexualized depictions of fat women’s bodies, in a recognizably standard anime style

these characters have big arms, round faces with double chins, wide frames (that don’t conform to the hourglass huge-hip/tiny-waist/enormous-boobs “acceptable fat” model), and are presented in poses that read as happy, excited, fun-loving, and even flirty (but again, not overtly sexual – these are obviously characters, not simply bodies for consumption) 

and they still look like they could be right at home on the pages of a shoujo manga

so i don’t ever wanna hear anybody say again that they can’t draw fat people because they don’t fit your “style” or you think they can’t be cute or pretty or non-fetishized. that’s a load of fatphobic crap and you need to do better. learn from this.


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