So in case of Tumblr totally collapsing (self-saboting much mdr), I’ve created a WordPress stuff, where I’ll be posting soon and in parallel of Tumblr (even if I don’t post much, admittedly). Whenever I write/translate some stuff I’ll put a notification on Tumblr and a link to the WordPress blog where the actual thing will be.
I’m also goblining on AO3, but since in January Article 13 will most likely pass in Europe, it’s possible I’ll lose access to the website. In that case, I’ll transfer the fics to the WordPress blog, which will still be hopefully active, and I’ll add an email address to the contact page (in the old-school way of sharing fanfics haha).

My AO3:
My FB:

To be clear, I’m not leaving Tumblr unless the website itself just ceases to exist, and I’ll still reblog content (if there is any content left lol). I’m also not leaving AO3 until it’s clear we’ll be censored by Article 13.

PS: I know I don’t talk much to mutuals even if I always enjoy seeing you on my dash ^^ … so don’t hesitate to reach out if you wanna talk/be friends! 

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