*peeks around a corner*
Hey!! My last year of school is taking all of my time away but I’m still alive!! :‘DD
I’m working on some bigger projects which I won’t be able to share until next year, but at least I’ve got some cool stuff on the way!

This submission is part of an infography project we’re doing. I might share more with you some day!

Introducing: The Hyenidae Family

1. Spotted hyena
2. Brown hyena
3. Striped hyena
4. Aardwolf

YEEN FACTS: did you know…
… spotted hyenas actually hunt 95% of their food?
… they live in matriarchal clans/tribes?
… hyenas have the strongest bite out of all mammals?
… they’re part of the Feliformia animal suborder, being more related to cats than they are to dogs?

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