Dragon Fish
Japan. Edo period
5’3’’ x 34’’ x 17’’ – 160cm x 86cm x 43cm

A splendid model of a Shachihoko, an enormous roof decoration well cast in
bronze, with a dragon head with bushy eyebrows and whiskers, flared
nostrils, a spiny dorsal fin and 4 large pectoral fins. His body with the
scales of a carp and a large flared tail fin. Originally gilded overall, this
impressive beast would have adorned the gable end of a splendid castle, temple
or Samurai home. Now, with remnants of gilding to the scales and a
good green weathered patina. 
Note: Shachihoko were thought to provide protection against fire, as they were
attributed with the power to control rain. Brandt Asian Art

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