pre relationship, victor massaging yuuri’s legs and feet after a day of hard training


anon you know summer of mutual pining is my weakness!!

(I’d write a ficlet for this but I couldn’t decide which pov would sound better, so…)

The first time Victor offers to massage him after training, Yuuri refuses. It happens a couple of days after Onsen!!! On Ice, where Yuuri is just getting used to having Victor as his (now official) coach, and while he is getting used to seeing Victor in Hasetsu Ice Castle he can’t help but be shocked when he meets Victor in the corridors still. 

He wonders if he’ll ever get used to it, and wonders if getting used to it would be a good thing.

Anyway… He feels kind of bad for refusing Victor’s offer? Not because Victor looks disappointed (in fact, I think Victor shrugs it off and understand Yuuri’s skittishness) but because he knows Victor is just trying his best to be a good coach. I mean, there’s nothing weird about a coach offering a quick massage after a particularly tiring day of training, focused on jumps and footwork. But at the same time… it’s the Victor Nikiforov. His childhood idol, his celebrity crush. It’s kind of intimidating.

But Victor is not one to give up easily, oh no. He lets it pass, then casually suggests massaging Yuuri’s legs again when he knows training was rough and notices Yuuri tripping over his own feet as they walk back home. This time Yuuri is more malleable and says something along the lines of “you don’t have to” but hey. Yuuri is getting increasingly confident around Victor, and he’s been more comfortable with the idea of spending time together doing simple things with him. They’re working on opening up. Yuuri eventually accepts it.

And let me tell you: Victor has the hands of an angel. He works Yuuri’s sore muscles with expertise—he starts by his feet, and you can bet Yuuri is ticklish so it takes a while for him to control himself and not kick Victor in the face—”is this why you refused the massage that first time? Because you’re too ticklish?” and Yuuri squirms and laughs as Victor runs a finger up the sole of his foot). 

It’s fun times. After Victor works through Yuuri’s ticklishness it gets easier to knead Yuuri’s muscles. He works his way up, massaging his calf, and Victor has a hard time not looking at Yuuri’s content face. You can bet Yuuri is making an inhuman effort not to groan and trying to keep it limited to “right there, there’s where it hurts” when Victor finds a sore spot. Victor kind of hopes Yuuri relaxes, and when he moves to massage the muscles on Yuuri’s thigh, Yuuri lets out the tiniest groan and oh.

Victor’s whole blood flushes to his face. It’s his turn to be the embarrassed one, but Yuuri is blushing equally as hard and tries to change the focus by saying “I’m ticklish there so maybe… don’t” and Victor immediately moves to the other leg and apologizes. Yuuri is mortified he let out that noise. Victor is dying and feels just as embarrassed about it as Yuuri feels. They’re a hilarious mess but hey—Yuuri finally relaxes, and Victor focuses on massaging his other leg and when he finally looks back at Yuuri he finds him dozing off. 

Victor jokes and asks if Yuuri is feeling more relaxed and my dudes… That’s when he learns… That’s when he learns the power of sleepy Yuuri (not sleepy in the morning Yuuri, that one is slightly intimidating) and he has this one huge gay moment that makes his heart ache because Yuuri thanks him and smiles with his heavy-lidded eyes and god Victor has to clutch at his heart because he’s too beautiful. 

Yuuri snores like a freight train that night. Victor can hear it from his bedroom. The next morning Yuuri comments it’s one of the best sleep he’s ever had and massaging Yuuri’s legs after soaking in the onsen becomes a part of their routine. They put on a series they’re watching together on Yuuri’s laptop and more often than not Yuuri falls asleep on Victor’s couch as he’s massaging him. Sometimes Victor wakes him up with a gentle nudge and Yuuri goes to his bedroom to catch that sleep, but after a while… Yuuri just stays there. Victor covers him and lets Yuuri take a nap while Victor finishes watching the episode. 

Anyway, these boys are pining hard and I love them very much fjlksdjkflsd

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