Don’t even talk to me.    I’m so.. hhnnGGAAGHAAHADAHAAAあぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ

Ok, so here, Yuuri says


(intai made, boku no koto, onegaishimasu)

Which is translated as “Please be my coach until I retire!” in the subtitles. However Yuuri isn’t actually saying “be my coach”, he’s saying “look after me” or “I’m under your care”. He’s entrusting his whole self, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to Victor with this line, because he trusts him just that much.

Yuuri gives himself over to Victor, and that’s why he responds with a kiss to Yuuri’s knuckles and


(puropo-zu mitai da ne)

“It’s like a proposal, isn’t it”

To which Yuuri sighs in acceptance because he too knows it’s like a proposal, and he is totally fine with that. No rejection, no little groan, just a small sigh, contrasting his reaction to episode four when Victor asked whether he should be his lover.

You know what seals the deal right here in this scene though? It’s Victor’s next line


(yuuri ga zutto intaishinakya iinoni na)

“It’d be nice if you never retire”

Victor says in return that he always wants to be by Yuuri’s side, and that he wants to look after Yuuri for a long, long time.

But that’s not it no no. The way Victor expresses his want to be by Yuuri’s side is strangely familiar don’t you think?

It has been brought up before, but Japanese people tend to express their emotions and wants in a roundabout way, they don’t really straight out say it. So if we jump all the way back to episode two, when Victor asks Yuuri what his wish was if he were to win Onsen on Ice, Yuuri says


(vikutoru to katsudon tabetai. korekara mo ippai katte, ippai katsudon tabetai)

“I want to eat katsudon with you (Victor). From here, I want to win a lot, and eat a lot of katsudon!”

It was where this whole love story aspect of the anime began, and it was through Yuuri’s roundabout way of saying “I want you to stay, Victor”.

In fact, we can observe Victor gradually picking up some of these Japanese traits, in episode three, during the Onsen on Ice event, there was the all-important


(katsudon daisuki dayo)

“I love katsudon.”

This is still quite straightforward, Victor says that he loves and supports Yuuri through the line. So when we compare this to the latest episode, with his “It’d be nice if you never retire”, which is around the same level of indirect as Yuuri’s “I want to eat katsudon with you”, we are able to really appreciate how much Yuuri has grown on Victor, and how much they both love and want each other.

same yuuri, same

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