It’s ok Yuuri, Vic’s hair is long enough for both of u T3T

After the incident of Victor grabbing Yuuri’s fins and causing him to ink, Yuuri had been milling around with a desire of his own. It had been sitting on his conscious for weeks, making him fret and scuttle forward to Victor before backing out at the last second to some lame stammered excuses.

The issue was that Victor was already so perfect and so beautiful, with his sparkling scales, flawless skin, and hair that shone of the moon above the surface. To touch him felt like it should be a crime, a life sentence, but Yuuri was slowly getting used to it. Mostly because of Victor’s habit of knocking into Yuuri with massive unwarned hugs that had Yuuri twitching in all the right places.

But today was different! Yuuri was determined to make his own approach! He’d spent half the morning twisting his tentacles into nervous knots until they had actually gotten tied. He then had to spend half an hour trying to undo himself.

Victor was a vision of a mer, sleek and gorgeous and everything that Yuuri wanted in the world under the sea.

“Victor…” Yuuri approached, legs moving him in nervous circular patterns. “Can I… can I braid your hair?”

The two reactions he had been expecting were both those of surprise, varying between Victor’s shock at the idea of letting anyone touch his hair and mild acceptance because, despite everything, Victor did like Yuuri. What he got was option number three, another tackled hug as Victor shouted out an excited, “Yes, yes, yes!”

That’s how they ended up sitting together on a sandbank, Yuuri warning Victor not to peek as he carefully braided small sections of Victor’s hair. The strands were even softer than Yuuri had imagined, a fine caress against his skin. Yuuri had seen Victor making oils from sea snails and using it to treat his hair, maybe that was the secret.

As he finished the last braid, Yuuri looped the end on a small shell to match Victor’s necklace and sat back to admire.

Victor’s eyes popped wide open. “Yuuri! I love it!”

Maybe it was just a polite compliment, but Yuuri smiled all the same, his little squid heart fluttering.

“Yuuri, I wanna do yours now!” Victor exclaimed, hands clasped together in a plead. “Can I, please?”

Oh. That was also unexpected. “Mine? …Okay?”

His hair was short, not nearly enough to braid. Something that Victor surely realized as he started swimming in loops above Yuuri, inspecting his head. Even if it turned out to be the teeny tiniest braid in existence, Yuuri vibrated with the notion that Victor was about to touch his hair. With permission this time.

“Wait! Be right back!” Victor said and zoomed off, leaving Yuuri to gather up his tentacles and hug them to himself as he waited.

Victor was going to play with his hair. Victor’s beautiful fingers were going to comb through Yuuri’s strands, massage at his scalp, something so intimate and sweet and gentle that Yuuri could hardly believe his luck.

Bunches of his hair were seized and tugged rather forcefully. “Ow, Victor!”

“Sorry! Hold still!”

Yuuri held still, two tufts on either side of his head pulled up. He tried directing his eyes upwards but could not catch a glimpse, resigned to waiting as Victor did who knew what to his head. When Victor finished his assault, he topped it off with a proud, “Tada!”

Yuuri lifted his hands, touching around his fins. Instead of braids, he had two pigtails… with starfish in his hair. He probably looked ridiculous. Victor, meanwhile, wore the proudest smile of accomplishment.

“My pretty Yuuri!”

Oh. Okay. Yuuri softened, smiling back. If Victor dubbed him pretty, that was all that mattered.

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