Tfw your bf startles you and you ink everywhere and never come out of your cave ever again.

In the era of B.Y. (Before Yuuri) Victor had spent a lot of his afternoons lazing on the sandy ocean bottom where the sun shone from the surface above. He’d fish, he’d swim, he’d mope about it felt like he’d have more fun watching coral grow. Now, in the era of A.Y. (After Yuuri) Victor still spent a lot of his afternoons lazing on the sandy ocean bottom where the sun shone from the surface above. Except now, he spent those afternoons admiring the beautiful squid before him.

In the sun filtering through the water around them, Yuuri’s skin shone with iridescence. He had a conch shell in his tinted hands, tongue pinched between his teeth as he turned it over, looking for the best method of extracting the tasty snack inside. Yuuri liked to play with his food. Victor found that adorable.

The ridiculously cute fins that peeked out of Yuuri’s dark hair wiggled with excitement, sparkling as if with glitter each time they caught the rays. Wiggle wiggle. Wiggle wiggle. Victor felt his heart wiggle wiggle in his chest, seizing him up in adoration and making him want to shout, cuuuuuuuuuute! so loud and far that the whales would hear him.

Victor’s tail curled under him and pushed him off the sand, slowly maneuvering toward Yuuri. The dark blue fins continued wiggling, Yuuri’s focus entirely on his conch. He was plucking at the creature with his fingers as if trying to coax it out. Victor had already resolved to fetch Yuuri a hundred more conches, possibly to build Yuuri an entire den made of their shells.

Wiggle wiggle.

Victor couldn’t resist. He’d wanted to touch the fins on Yuuri’s head from the first moment they’d met, curious if the texture was the same as his tentacles. Wiggle wiggle. Victor swooped in, hands clasping on either side of Yuuri’s head. The wiggling fins flared against his palms, Yuuri’s hair tickled his skin, and a shriek filled his ears.

Black exploded all around him.

Victor blinked, stunned, the sun blocked out entirely. He was in a cloud darker than the night.

“Victor, I’m so sorry!” Yuuri’s hands grabbed onto his wrists, pulling him out of the streaky mess. Victor glimpsed a dark trail leaking out from under Yuuri’s skirt. “T-they’re… they’re really sensitive and you scared me!”

He’d made Yuuri ink. Victor glanced behind him, where the ink was slowly dissipating, the water turning from black to navy to a clear blue. “Oh.”

Yuuri’s fins were pinned against his head, almost hidden in his hair. Instead of wiggling, they were twitching. Twitch twitch. Yuuri’s entire body had turned a darker color, from his tentacles to his arms, to the markings on his back, but they too were slowly fading back to normal. The blush on his cheeks, however, remained an anemone red.


Victor would have to figure out a way to make Yuuri ink again.

Guys lemme share this wonderful thing with you all, im dying and being reborn every 5 seconds in an infinite loop bc this is too adorable and cute

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